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Re: Practical internal training ?

Ellis Amdur wrote in his article "Hidden in plain sight":

"There are several kinds of secrets - Gokui - in Japanese martial arts. The most mundane are tricks or special techniques to defeat other people in combat. Others are presented at the end of the road - practices such as mikkyo, which can be used to enter into the founder-of-the-ryu's experience, or to attain special power or knowledge. There is one final type of Gokui: "hidden in plain sight." The teacher does it every class, and everyone ignores it, waiting for the "warm-ups" or "basics" to be over to get to the real deal. "Find out yourself," said the old man. Is it possible that he didn't mean that one had to go away wandering into other arts and realms, or dropping by other esoteric teachers, be they Zen, yoga, t'ai chi or Tempu Nakamura's shin shin toitsu? Maybe all he meant was to pay attention to what he was doing in class."

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