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Re: Practical internal training ?

Mark Gibbons wrote:

Some assertions that there were large parts of Osensei's aikido that didn't make the curriculum and that this was intentional. .... Either omitted by design or not essential. No real evidence either way beyond some what informed assertions. Mark
In a 1996 interview of Koichi Tohei by Stan Pranin, Tohei says that Ueshiba didn't really teach him the most important principles of aikido:

"While Sensei felt deeply about this underlying principle of budo, he never really taught us anything about it in concrete terms. When we were training he would come around and tell us to "put some power into it." And yet, when he himself demonstrated techniques he was totally relaxed! What he said and what he did, in other words, were completely different.

I never paid as much attention to what Sensei said as to what he did. You could ask him all the questions you wanted and never understand his answers. He would just show you and say something to the effect of "It's done like this."
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