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raul rodrigo
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Re: Practical internal training ?

David Sim wrote:
Erm, since aikido is generally considered to be more or less the stuff that Ueshiba taught, how can the absence of something that he didn't teach mean that people are practising 'not really aikido'?

Aikido is not what Ueshiba taught. It is what he did. And what he did and what he taught, as should be clear by now, are very different things. He kept the most important things as gokui, hidden teachings---as his students like Tohei, Tamura, Saotome and the rest can attest. He didn't make many technical corrections and he left his students to figure things out for themselves. Its not surprising that some didn't. Others like Tohei and Tada went outside the Aikikai to recreate the inner workings of aikido for themselves. Which is pretty much what many in aikido are trying to do now, in the absence of an explicit teaching methodology from the traditional hierarchy/ies.
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