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Re: Practical internal training ?

Cady Goldfield wrote:
Ueshiba had this in his repertoire, and demonstrated its effects on his students, it's just that he did not include it in the curriculum he taught. So, you will have to go outside of aikido to get it. Taiji and related Chinese arts with substantial internal components include it as part of their curriculum, and they are easier to access than the Japanese arts that traditionally use them, such as koryu jujutsu. So, you may even need to go outside Japanese MAs to get a good internal foundation.
Well, there must have been [something] "in the curriculum" for Shioda and Sunadomari to "get it". Granted, Tohei had to go "outside" coz he didn't get it. But I think his sempai Tempu "got it", but superimposed his own understanding and paradigm on it.

Although I agree it may be easier to see it and find it outside of modern aikido - particularly from related internal CMAs, but I disagree that it's not in the curriculum or that it isn't in aikido.

If it isn't, it's only because the "big guns" aren't telling...

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