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Re: Has all the love gone?

Dave Whiteland wrote:
Anyone know of any founders of martial arts who claimed their art "is hate"? Just a small point, but it serves to suggest the (translated) "aikido is love" label doesn't make the art as unique as some people would like to think.
Thank you for this. On a larger scale, but to the same point:

"Wartime rhetoric proved malleable when it came to postwar objectives because it was largely constructive and idealistic to begin with. The Japanese did not march off to war shouting ‘Long Live Militarism and Aggression!' They declared that they were fighting for peace and security, coexistence and co-prosperity, a bright future for their nation and all of Asia."

John Dower, Embracing Defeat, p. 175
(Thank you pag for directing me to this wonderful book and, of course, for your ongoing efforts to enlighten us terminal monolinguals. YOROSHIKU.)

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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