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Re: Has all the love gone?

I feel the same way at times too... lol

But I would say "yes" - until the blinders are off, Aikido is mostly fantasy. I would say it's like this: We come to Aikido to reconcile our habitual ways of being, many of which are housed in delusion. Therefore, it is logical to assume that for a great while, and maybe for a few lifetimes for some of us, Aikido too will be experienced and understood through those same habitual ways of being - Aikido too will be housed in delusion. It would be illogical to assume that a body/mind that is more cultivated in a lack of awareness and/or in habitual ways of being that are housed in delusion would all of a sudden see Aikido clearly, at first glance, just because it is possible for Aikido to be a tool for the cultivation of awareness and wisdom. If Aikido was something that we could first relate to without any of our usual filters of delusion, then their would be no need for training, since training itself implies that we develop from states of ignorance to states of awakening. Training then assumes that we come to it from a state of ignorance. Ignorance then is not the antithesis of training, but rather it is its genesis.

Just thinking aloud.

David M. Valadez
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