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Re: Has all the love gone?

Simon Mindle wrote:
...threads....I saw one where a clip of Aikido was shown...and it sparked a lot of debate poor technique was being done and how bad the standard of Ukemi we concern ourselves so much with the technical side so much that we forget that at least our beautiful art is being taught.....The intent is there and from that flickering light will grow a fire that will spread.
What's the contradiction between criticism and love?

Aikido is still a martial art and not choreography because we have strong attacks to refine our technique. Failing that, it's dance. Delightful, but hardly to the point. So, too with discourse, no?

The argument could be made that gratitude is an intrinsic value of aikido and, yes, some of our commentators could have been a tad more grateful for the video clip.

But as to critical comment, personally, I find it very unhealthy that the SHIHAN and Osensei himself are not more often the subject of criticism. Many of these icons have questionable attitudes and histories, many come to the table with their cups full, complacent with their titles and sycophants. We have a huge prejudice for argument from authority in aikido.


Right now, Osensei and others venerated in the aikido canon--many still living--enjoy the very enviable advantage of having their words and actions judged by their reputation and not the other way around. Backward, that.

Criticism is healthy.

...some of us might need some work on our tone, I admit...


Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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