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Keith Larman
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Re: Beginners should not be allowed to act as uke.

Peter Boylan wrote: View Post
I hope the title is sufficiently inflammatory. Having the role of uke performed properly is critical for anyone who is trying to learn techniques and principles. Until someone really understands the techniques being practiced and the principles involved, letting the act as uke does them a tremendous disservice. My complete thoughts on the subject are at

And yes, I am wearing my asbestos undies.
Uh, well, you won't see any flames from me. One class I teach has a mix of relative newbs along with experienced folk. I try to get the new people paired up with the experienced as much as possible. I really don't want beginners working with each other since neither knows what the heck they're doing.

I also emphasize repeatedly to nage that when working with a beginner their job is to guide them to the proper ukemi whenever possible; not just play "throw a newbie". I'll get out there and pair up with them as much as I can so I can feel what they're doing. I'll demonstrate on them, but hopefully only enough to demonstrate things they need to adjust. Then it's back to them trying on me and others.

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