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Re: The hand change on nikkyo ura is kicking my a.....

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As a shomem strike comes off the left arm I step in just like ikkyo ura as I tenkan around I bring his arm low switch hands to nikkyo then heres the problem as I bring it up to my clavicle I,m having trouble applying nikkyo if this explains my dilemma sensei has shown me many times I just can,t get it.
if your partner makes a right shomenuchi try reaching up with your left hand and secure a hold on the underside of the ukes wrist.At the same time place your your own right hand blade on back of ukes right wrist and cut down quickly [thus breaking ukes posture].Footwork -at start of ukes attack -blend with his movement and withdraw/open your body in such a way he cannot hit you.Your body should be at an angle to his .His right leg will be forward , your left will be forward.Like Gyaku hamni posture with partner.
Combining the above upper body [hands ] with the opening body, just bring his attacking hand to your left chest /clavicle area , kep your own elbows down and tight to your body .Hold his wrist firmly against your body with both hands and with primarily your bottom hand apply strong pressure on the wrist .His wrist is held in one position with right hand mainly , but his forearm moves across your centrelinedue to pressure applied by left hand.This makes it hard for him to keep his posture.Uke usually loses posture and goes down.Finish the waza of by normal pin.
Hope this helps.
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