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Re: Dangerous Situations

I think it's really risky Demetrio, I wouldn't have been able to pull it off. That kind of action takes brass balls and nerves of steel. I'm no army vet, and there's no way I could handle weapons at my level. Plus, even if I did have the ability, it is far too risky without any immediate need for doing it. I wouldn't done anything unless that person were to try and do something to me or someone there.

Now, I won't say anything bad about this soldier. Obviously he was confident in his abilities, had enough experience, and felt the need to hold true to his words and believes. He must've felt that it was worth it to risk his life doing this. He could've failed and died and still be a hero. That he succeeded is just that much sweeter for everyone.

It all comes down to accurate judgment of yourself, and others. If you think you got the ability to do it, and enough experience to know what to expect, then it all comes down to the question of "do I need to do this, or do I want to?"
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