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Techniques Designed For Pain

Is there a place in Aikido for techniques specifically designed to injure Uke? The answer of course, is no. Is it correct that Aikido techniques are designed so that ideally the attacker is neutralised without causing injury to him? It says in Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere by Adele Westbrook and Oscar Ratti:
'..the ultimate in ethical self defense. Neither attacking nor provoking an attack, the man on the left (defender) defends himself in such a way, with such skill and control that the attacker is not killed. In this case, he is not even seriously injured.'

If this is true to the workings of Aikido, then there is no place for 'injuring techniques'.
I have been taught, that Aikido holds or locks, only injure uke is the assailant tries to fight the lock, tensing their limbs and causing injury to themselves. But of late, I have been shown some techniques which are holds which injure uke even without struggle.

I have stated my opinion, I am just interested in any other opinions or experiences with such techniques.

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