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Keith R Lee
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Tozando Hakama

Still going strong with my cotton Hakama. Yes I have the type you listed in you post above. It holds its pleats well and is very durable. The extra stiching and reenforcement at the seams is great. It is definitely warmer and heavier than a polyester hakama if that matters to you. I only have one complaint in regards to the hakama but I think it is rather inevitable. If you practice lots of suwari waza (I do) then the portion of the hakama where it is against your knees teds to get worn and fade more quickly than polyester hakamas. Within 8-10 months of having the my cotton hakama the knee area was starting to look worn. Now that portion of my hakama has a slightly faded look to it where as the rest is still solid black.

That being said, I still prefer the cotton hakama. I put on a polyester one about a month ago and I just felt naked. The cotton adds a good bit of weight and thickness and I prefer that feeling. I think its a matter of personal preference as to whether you want a hakama that is light (polyester) or heavy (cotton). Plus nothing looks as good as a nice clean pressed cotton hakama.

I have never heard of this tetron before though. It may be worth checking out. Sounds interesting, but maybe to light for me.

Keith Lee
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