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Re: Meeting with Dan Harden in Boston

That was a bit over the top. Several other guys wanted to write in as well and I said no. It was supposed to be a direct report from a stranger initially involved with the debate, not those who already know me.

What is the heart of the matter?
The history of these discussions, and the start of contention were the interjections intially put forward by Rob John, Sigman and I in many discussions of center, jo, the one point, Aiki, etc.
Many sceptics asked whether we were doing the same things or similar or not and if these things can or are done with non-students and if it works (this of course alluding to them being tricks instead of the real skills they are) on non-cooperating trained guys.

What we now are seeing is anything....anything... to hang on to instead of those sceptics and doubters admitting they were wrong. That there is a a skill as reported, in front of them and that is beyond most everyone in these discussions- even in these arts.Seniors, juniors or not.... they simply don't know them.
Who has held up their part of the bargain?
Who is lacking?

1. Rob Johns teacher did a seminar
Folks reported back that everything was true

2. Sigman met Ledyard
Ledyard reported back that everything was true

3. I was the hold out. But I agreed to meet Ron Tilsdale and Mark Murray from this list and they would report back here. Sadly Ron could not make it.
Mark did and reported back.....
That everything was true......

The real issue-obfuscated by off-topic nonsense- is since it -IS- true.
a. Why can't you do it?
b. Why don't you know this stuff?
c. Why is your art sorely lacking of these skills?
d. Why can't you even hold up your end an acknowledge the efforts and reports of those who pursued the answers up close and live?

Unless I see something on topic, like the sceptics and doubters asking or even acknowledging the existence of these skills, then I'm done.

There are others I have trained with in Aikido since this debate many months ago who have read this fall-de-rall, and I have more to go. Some of them-unlike the doubters and sceptics here- are now actively learning skills sets, instead of being gad flies on the internet, doubting things they do not understand.
The skeptics will stagnate or continue to slog through the box trying to find the pieces here and there, if they ever do.

What we have been discussing in these many topics, is the true bujutsu, the true source of Aiki, and the paths of power. It is the essence of Aikijujutsu, AIkido, Judo, and the Chinese martial arts.


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