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This is really confusing, it seems most people are saying that as long as it is done with the right spirit any technique could be considered an aikido technique
Hard to believe I know, but it also works the otherway around, Aikido techniques can be considered to be Karate, Arnis, Tai chi techniques etc..

The best example I can think of is Kote Gashi if you take a look in almost any book on another martial art you will find the basic shape/configuration of Kote Gashi. Yes it will be applied differently, but it is still Kote Gashi just another variation.
Bad people can use aikido to do bad things for bad reasons and it's still aikido.
Aiki yes, Aikido No

The word Aikido is commonly describe as meaning "the way of Harmony"

Suppose we have a bad man using "Aikido" to beat up somebody & mug them. Where is the "Way of Harmony" in that ?

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