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Re: Demonstrating aiki, demontrating aikido.Same thing ?

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MANY WORDS- we need more physics.
And what better authorities do we have on such matters than say, oh, a University Mathematics Professor? Someone like renowned Aiki master and direct pupil of Daito Ryu Master Sagawa Yukioshi, (and retired Professor of Mathematics at Tsukuba University), Tatsuo Kimura! What luck! Someone who no doubt gets the physics side of the Aiki equation inside and out and who had the chance to train for over two decades with, perhaps, the greatest of Takeda Sokaku's pupils.

Fortunately for us Kimura Sensei has written about his discoveries in the world of Aiki. Let's take a look at some select quotes of his from his book Discovering Aiki My 20 years with Yukiyoshi Sagawa Sensei. Maybe he'll talk about torsional shear, let's see!

It is not a physical matter of this or that angle...

It is not muscular power or Ki. However, since the conscious world is non-material, it usually has no influence over the material wold.. Aiki is like a key to combine them...

You move just by thinking...

If something appears as a form, it can be imitated, but Aiki is not a form. The essential aspects of Aiki don't appear as a form...

It did not come from within me, but completely from the outside...

Sensei often strongly criticized me saying things like. "You really are not at all perceptive!" or "Kimura, you can't grasp Aiki unless you become reborn."

I felt Sensei had advanced to a higher dimension. His techniques were so wonderful that I shouted out mentally, "These techniques cannot be done by human beings. These are divine techniques!"

As long as Aiki is a technique done by human beings, it is impossible to think that you can do anything even if you understand it. However, once you begin to understand Aiki, you move into a freer world beyond the restrictions of physical bodies. You can progress at an unbelievably rapid pace beyond what would normally be possible....

It would have been impossible to understand Aiki even by great efforts if I hadn't met Sagawa Sensei. The reason is that the way of thinking when using Aiki is basically different from doing normal techniques...

Sometimes there are teachers who say that they will kindly teach you anything. However, if they don't have some ability, it won't be of any use even if they teach you kindly...

Thus, to actually be able to do something is very important. In particular, martial arts have no meaning unless you can actually do things...

For me now, at least, Aiki is not only one martial art technique, but rather it is something unknown which suggests that the ability of human beings is actually far beyond that which it is normally considered to be.

Quotes about Kimura from Stan Pranin

"When I tested the small, stubborn 50 year old Kimura Sensei, I was completely controlled by him... My power of resistance was neutralized by the use of Sensei's stance and internal energy...Kimura Sensei clearly demonstrated to us the world of energy that exceeds the physical dimension."

And now some final words from the fully-versed in physics and mathematics Professor Kimura.

I think it is important that you do not just believe what others say, but rather check for yourself, rely on your intuition, and listen to your heart.

However, people who do not discover new things and who believe they understand things have a tendency to think that only they are correct and that others are wrong. This way of thinking will not lead to further development.

So what professor Kimura seems to be saying is it's a software issue, not a hardware issue. Be the ball, and don't sweat the physics, or you'll never get it. I'm not going to argue with an Aiki master/mathematics professor.
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