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Re: Inefficiencies in the Aikido Training Method


We crossed post earlier so I missed it. Sorry.

Erick wrote:
It is the conclusion that one must "Decide" that I challenge. If one does not yet sense the correct shape of the dynamic he is not operating on the attractor. If you do, and you no longer have to think or decode what comes next because it just sort of occurs, like sliding down hill -- you are on the attractor. I routinely have to correct students who decide to try to short circuit the nature of movement to hurry up "the technique" only find it cannot be done, or that now they are wrestling. That is one example.
I appreciate your thoughts and feedback. I am going to have to think hard about this one for sure.

As I said, I don't have any of the answer on alot of this stuff and frankly I am working through it, so it is good to get different perspectives like the one you provided.

I am going to think about this for a while and hopefully get back to you.

I understand what you are saying about short circuting natural movement. Though it might help if we were to have the conversatioin in the same room so we could physically discuss it.

As a model I think there is one perspective when looking at this as a methodology for mastery.

Tactically though, I do believe that if you are ahead of the loop, it doesn't necessarily matter if you do the right thing or the most appropriate thing, simply that you act in some matter that does what you want to do.

However, that is really not the point of our training, nor the point of using this as a framework for study.

Tactically though, I might offer this advice that I noted this morning to an student that was having trouble doing Nikkyo. What he would do is move correctly then focus back on the hand/arm and stop his feet, which resulted in me re-establishing the ground path and stopping his technique. What I told him is if all else fails simply keep moving your feet or start moving your feet again once you stop.

This was a big part of what my one of my teachers used to preach. "Move your EFFING FEET!".

In that regard, it is ACT and not in appropriate if you are doing ANY technigue at all. Same with BJJ on the ground. If all else fails keep shrimping!

So you are not really doing anything but continuing to keep the movement dynamic and preventing fixation in the loop.

what seems like what happens is we do DECIDE ACT STOP ACT...DECIDE STOP, ACT STOP. DECIDE. At every STOP is a chance for uke to gain momentum or close the gap in the loop.

Anyway...lots to think about!

PS, I wish I were able to follow part of your illustrations etc, it looks very interesting, but frankly I do not have the background to even begin to understand the concepts that you are trying to relay, however, I do find it fascinating.

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