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Re: Inefficiencies in the Aikido Training Method

Tim Fong wrote: View Post
Reading your post reminds me of the isolation sparring that a lot of gyms do. For example , in a grappling situation:
One person applies a pin (say side control) and the other person tries their best to get out.

In a striking situation:
One person throws any kick (with free movement by both) and the other person checks.

Both people have sticks and the Lameco handguards. One person delivers a one (with free movement) the other person must use a back hand to target the striker.

Internal arts situation:
Pushout, go, receiving joint locks etc. Rather than challenging a particular technique, the exercise challenges a particular range of motion/ability to absorb force.

Thanks....good examples Tim.

Kata and Drills certainly are important too and I don't want to discount that. I moved away from them actually with great disdain from my Karate days where I felt they were over emphasized, or at least I didn't understand them very well. Aikido was liberating for me cause it was so spontaneous and free. Same with BJJ.

However, I am seeing a need for kihon training these days. Sanchin Kata I think is a good one for instance. Of course, I am also spending a great deal of time doing flow drills and attack chains in BJJ these days as well.

In addition, in AIkido we do the same of course. In fact, we do a great deal of this, but my issue is I believe we need to maybe back off and train some very, very basic things much more deeper and basic, then maybe move to a more "free" play that is controlled.

One of the things I constantly see students doing in AIkido is continuing to process the OO part while doing Jiyu. We need to instill in them the basics then get the message across that it is okay to move and be free and make mistakes.

I think though that it is hard cause we kinda through folks into Jiyu that is not so well controlled and focused. Aikido is PhD level stuff, heck I really suck at it, yet I can do well at Jiu Jitsu!

Foundations is where the efficiencies are to be gained. Doing the solo work, developing the martial body, building good basic habits like sanchin kata and some of the old school Okinawa Ryu's do. Learning to punch, kick, and simply move properly. All before we do the first wrist grab or iriminage.

It is hard to describe. I don't think it is WHAT we are doing so much as to HOW we are putting it together, the linkages, and the emphasis.

But what do I know really? I am a mere amateur in this these are just my own impressions and thoughts.

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