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Re: Inefficiencies in the Aikido Training Method

Some more thoughts on OODA as it relates.

My above examples are all based on MMA or a BJJ model dealing with Randori.

However, I submit, that there are other areas where I think this applies.

Defining your endstates and Measure of Effectiveness, Measures of Success.

Lets talk about Internal Strength, for instance. Lots of individual solo time. How does OODA apply to this?

Well alot of talk has gone on hear about "how do I know if it is working, how do know if it is right?"

Ki Test, Jo test, push test etc...provide the feedback necessary for us to learn. in Jo test for example. You Observe the person on the other end of the stick pushing on the stick, you Orient on it, and Decide what Action you will take. Based on that Action, you adjust again and so on.

Done in a controlled manner, the instructor or guide limits and factors out other variables except those things you want to test.

You have definitely limited the DA by making Uke/Nage work within the confines of the test. By limiting those things it allows the Nage to Observe and Orient and expand his knowledge base.

OO heavy for sure, but the point is the tester knows what he is doing in order to provide the correct feedback, it is a control.

Pointing out gaps and weaknesses, the student can then return back to his solo training to address those issues identified.

Then in a complete Jiyu Randori phase, the parameters can be set and the student can then learn to apply these things, although recoginizing that he is heavy on the DA side, so therefore, he cannot rely on processes OO, but his body is learning and adapting through both a OO learning mechanism that is being reinforced through a DA one.

I think a good program is integrated and done in a very deliberate and intelligent manner, with controls, feedback, and endstates that are placed strategically throughout the methodology.

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