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Re: Inefficiencies in the Aikido Training Method

Yet are there not people that draw stick figures out there that view themselves as somehow more than that? They draw stick figures over and over again hoping that one day they will be a great will just take a long time. They draw them because the teacher or group they belong too shows them some really cool "finished" products of what they have been doing for 20 years that to the average person looks like art.

None of the "Masters" have their art displayed in any well known galleries or have been able to demostrate that they are even able to get a show at the local fine arts gallery.

The big excuse they might use is that "most common people really don't know what they are looking at, this is different, this is evolved".

So you keep doing the same things over and over, starting to believe that you are doing something that is special and that is important, that it is different.

Those "other" art class people using the big crayons are simply learning to color the whole page effectively, they are not producing art.

That is what you use to make yourself at least feel better about what it is that you are doing in your class. "Yea they may learn to color quickly with those big crayons, but I will be a better artist in 20 years!"

Yet you draw stick figures, over and over. Everyday. You are convinced that eventually you will progress beyond stick figures if you just draw enough of them. Every day, you do the same things...expecting a different result....your carrot it tied to some idealogicial vision that no one you even remotely know or have associated with can demonstrate....

Your group begins to self affirm and you bind together, insulate never put your works out there in the local art shows, cause you know it wouldn't win any art awards, but you still believe it is because you practice is asynchronous and it takes 20 years to learn..and ain't about the competition anyway!

This is co-dependency at it's finest!

It has failure written all over it with this mindset and logic...and unfortunately, alot of folks have bought into this notion!

It is fine to practice prinicples. It is fine to master the technicalities of the color wheel. To understand which brush might work best to paint a particular line or stroke. We need folks like that out there in the world.

However, don't pretend that what you are doing is "Art" or more evolved than the guy that did not take the time to understand the details. The guy that just got up one day picked up a brush and started painting and synthesized the colors, brush strokes and started entering art shows after 5 years.

It really does not make you any more evolved special or different. You are the guy that studies the details, and yes, you can reach a deep understanding of some things, and yes, there will be those that follow the Aikido approach that will reach a synthesis at 20 years, their are always a couple..

However, it is not guaranteed that you will. Most won't cause they can't get past the "I am special by transferrence and association".

It is a fricking inefficient way of doing things if you want to synthesize and understand.

And don't assume that the guy that "Just does it" without the classical understanding such as a MMA guy can never have what you have. The chance are he will, he can show you how, and he has just a good of a chance of reaching the same endstate that you do in reality in 20 years!

I am betting out of 1000 Aikido students and 1000 MMA students that at the 20 year mark that you will have the exact same ratio of folks still studying and that each approach will have at ONE guy, ONE...that will have reached a higher understanding of what life is all about through their martial practices.

They might have different attributes to their practice and abilities, but they will reach the exact same understanding of peace and harmony.

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