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Re: 100 Things To Tell A New Aikido Student

61. If you just stand there trying to resist me, you're gonna get hurt.
62. I can kick you if you stand like that.
63. OK, just for tonight let's say this is your left side and this is your right.
64. Kaiten and tenkan, there IS a difference.
65. I'm NOT moving at full speed here.
66. Andrew=kind and gentle [disclaimer: I have actually used this one!]
67. Don't break uke, other people want to play with him.
68. Feeling dizzy? You'll get used to it.
69. Kobayashi Sensei's old dojo had mats that were like cement on cold mornings. So no complaining that the tatami feel hard.
70. Me? About 16 years. Just beginning, really.

Warning: Do not bend, fold or otherwise abuse... until we get to the dojo..

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