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Re: Shocking video: karate black belt almost beats man who does not wnt to fight to d

While teaching class, with the door open I have, more then one evening had a mentally handicapped person wonder in and tell me about how they were a martial arts expert.

I have never had even the slightest urge to harm them, or put them in harms way. I wouldn't ask them to address the class, or to try and put them down by asking them to show me their martial prowess. This alone is unbecoming of a martial artist.

Further, I would not allow someone who actually asked for it, to take a beating like that in my school, little lone someone asking that it be stopped. It's very unbecoming of a martial artist.

To compound matters, the Karate "black belt" shown beating up the young man is not much better at fighting, then a mentally challenged person. He shows no fighting ability, and no self control. Very unbecoming of a martial artist.

Beyond whatever moral issues you may have with what is happening, the whole encounter shows a complete lack of martial integrity.

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