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Re: Shocking video: karate black belt almost beats man who does not wnt to fight to d

Not that bad!!!

That was attempted murder!

The man was out cold then was repeatably stomped on the head. Severe head trauma like that can cause brain damage or death. That's not getting roughed up with some broken bones, that is his skull. If that guy lived, he was lucky.

When a man is unconscious and you start stomping on his head there is only one reason you are doing it, you want to kill him. Charges should be brought on the man in question for attempted murder (or murder if the guy died from his injuries).

They jumped a guy who was obviously off his rocker and he fought back (at this point you could say mutual combat as he did not try to flee) and then continued to fight after he conceded defeat and was trying to leave (assault and battery), then after he was out cold and unable to defend himself he was repeatedly stomped on the skull until blood was running out of his nose and mouth (a very bad sign) and his body was limp (attempted murder). At that point they dragged him out and he left a pool of blood followed by a trail of blood all the way to the outside. I believe that if he would of beaten that karataka that the instructor and other students would have jumped him and gang beat him into the ground. In fact you can see the other students help the karataka when they force him into the back corner. This is what leads to him going out.

For anyone who thinks that was minor, would you want to train in a school where sparring matches don't stop just because one person is out cold? Would it be acceptable in your school to ignore taps and just break bones or choke guys out in kata? These guys are thugs and criminals, nothing more. They deserve nothing better then a nice place behind bars to practice their defense against people their own size. Yes, people punch or kick downed opponents all the time. It happens in MMA (pride face stomps for the win!). The difference here is that he was out cold when he was getting face stomped. There is a very good chance that man suffered a brain injury from those stomps. His breathing changed, his body went from a stiff out to a limp out, and a poster on bullshido noticed he might of started to become 'erect' which is a very bad sign (it indicates a spinal injury). I also think he started to convulse before going limp.

Well adjusted responsible adults would not of stood for that. They would have called the police when the guy showed, not pick a fight with him. And those watching the fight are at fault for not leaving or attempting to stop the fight. In short, everyone in that video is not worthy of the title of human.

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