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Jonathan Wong (JW) wrote:
I think most people don't believe in The Touch

of Instant Death. Some do though.

I think most people believe that you can learn a 'touch of death technique' and apply it within a relatively short period of time.

There can be a great deal of finger conditioning (have you ever seen someone do a one finger push-up?), so that a single finger can be used to actually penetrate the body (in many cases). Also, striking acurately can be very difficult, esp. with a moving target (appropriate force and direction).

Injuries I've seen over 13 years are:

1 knock-out

2 nose bleeds

1 toe nail removed

3 broken toes

1 shoulder disslocation

about 12 bruised fingers

1 cracked rib

1-2 groin/leg strain

several windings

several minor shoulder injuries

I don't think that is bad at all compared to most physical activities. It all depends on the way you train and your instructors attitude towards safety. Also, aikido teaches you to move out of the way so when we do serious attacks, generally they don't hit their target.

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