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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
I think MMA is a sport that could benefit from exposure to aiki. I think aikido is a vehicle through which we can share our knowledge of aiki. I think sport fighting is not traditional training and individuals who would benefit from exposure to aiki are not necessarily interested in traditional training. Specifically, I think most of our kata collection is either illegal or impractical in sport fighting. My observation is that many aikido people have difficulty expressing aiki outside of kata, and because of this difficulty we are faced with this "do aikido where we can orchestrate aiki," or nothing at all.

I think the ability to express aiki without kata is indicative of skill. I think the ability to express aiki without connection is indicative of skill. I think asking people to do such a thing is neither outrageous nor unreasonable. What's better, it is real sharing of what I believe to be the heart of aikido - aiki. Not just sharing kata, but actual aiki.

I am not trying to be derogatory of aikido. In fact, I firmly believe we have much to share with the sport fight community, if we want to. I also firmly believe creating a method by which we can share aiki without the box of kata is an important ability.
So you are talking about separating the heart of Aikido - aiki - and making a waza out of it that you can train apart from the history, traditions, organizations, philosophy, spiritual goals, and cultural underpinnings of Aikido.

I think that would be a fine thing for a motivated individual to devote him or herself to. I don't think of it as a problem for "the art" as you put it earlier though. In fact I am not sure why you would want to continue to use terms such as aiki if you are going to be rid of all of that stuff.

I am of the opinion that what you come up with will be no easier or faster a path to skill than any traditional form of Aikido, and without the trappings, you might get fewer people interested in it. Maybe these aren't concerns.

I am also strongly of the opinion that it wouldn't be much of a disruptor in the marketplace of MMA technologies. If you are going into a ring where you must grapple or beat your opponent into submission, BJJ and Muay Thai will still be the go-to systems.

But it sure would be something if I were wrong! I dare you!
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