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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
It seems to me like you are talking about extracting a single facet of aiki, packing it into waza, and then dumping the riai, or purpose of the art. I mean its a budo, you can't just rip the heart of it out and go use it for self-aggrandizement. What the heck is that about?
I can appreciate this comment. I am not in support of bastardizing aikido. My argument is these individuals are not prospective students of traditional systems (right now). They have no interest in the budo, yet. They have no interest in practicing aikido, yet. I believe these interactions to foster an appreciation and possible return to aikido when budo does become important to them.

Also, I am not convinced that it was O Sensei who packed aikido with form, function, and philosophy; rather, it seems like the early the senior students of O Sensei did that.

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