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Re: Kanji help?

Soon-Kian Phang wrote:
That's new to me too... Would you mind telling us the history behind those ladies having katakana in their names?
I'm curious as to the origins of this myself. I'll ask around.

Soon-Kian Phang wrote:
I don't think 秘 is pronounced as [pi] when it starts a word... In Chinese, Peter is written as 彼得
I think 彼 might have the same problem as 秘 at the start of a word in Japanese. In fact, I just looked in the dictionary and could only find one "pi"- word starting with a kanji: 併音 pinyin which refers to the Chinese romanisation system. It was marked as "irregular kanji usage" so it seems like there aren't any kanji that would normally start a word with "pi" in Japanese.
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