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Re: The Nage/Uke Dynamic - Guidelines

I read it all and it was enlightening. But I'm inclined to believe that most beginners/kohai wouldn't understand what you're trying to drive at. Certainly, after a couple of years experiencing aikido on the mat, the guidelines you put up would gain certain meaning to them. But I doubt so in the early stages. Congratulations anyway, for writing such a piece. I wonder, if you would permit me to copy part/or all of the guideline for the use of my dojo as well?

Thanks also for the reminder below:
b) Most times seniors who are out of shape, out of their prime, stiff, plagued by chronic injuries, or who have plateaued in their training (or are even regressing in their training), etc., use their senpai status to pull out of forms, to not commit to specific energies and/or attacks, and to resist any and all elements which might actually shed some light on how they have stopped training altogether and are just riding on the coattails of the cultural capital given to them by an institution that ultimately has nothing to do with Budo.

This questions always pops up when dealing with the more elderly of the sempais/peers. By this, I mean ppl in their 40s who are less fit and able to perform rigorous ukemi.

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