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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Talking of spiritual I remember a very short lady coming to watch once. She was very spiritual. I had helped her husband and she wanted to see what this Aikido was about. She watched and loved it. Now this was back in the watford days.

She said it was fascinating and hearing our explanations understood a lot just by watching. As a test (and a validation) later me and the teacher asked her if she wanted to do something she had seen. She said yes she'd love to.

We called over two big guys, told her to stand there as she had seen, all five feet nothing of her, and asked the guys to lift her up. Grab her wrists, one guy each side, and lift her up. They couldn't budge her.

She had never done any martial art. Everyone there was amazed for many of them couldn't do it.

But there again it takes 20 years or special technique with short unseen movements or I/p to do these things..or, or or......

Ha, ha. Just sayin....

Peace G.