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During my very first class I was introduced to yokemenuchi. To explain yokemenuchi to me sensei used the example of two swordsmen simultaneously attacking each other with a shomenuchi strike, resulting in a double kill. A double loss if you will.
I've noticed this same scenario verbally. Two people will argue and swear to get nowhere. Just blunt actions that result in a double loss.

Would any of you like to share your pearls of wisdom on verbal aikido?
A couple of months back I was on a bus and this guy tries to get on without paying and the bus driver catches him. The guy refused to get off the bus and the driver refused to drive until the guy got off.

This quickly degenerated into "I'm going to fucking knock you out" kinda territory. So I went downstairs (I was on the top deck) to have a look, well actually I was giving serious thought to throwing the man off, but it seemed wise to have a look first.
So I positioned myself by the door and looked the guy over, who then turned to me and said "What the fuck do you want?" to which I replied "I've come to see what you do after you've knocked the driver out. Are you any good at driving a bus?"

At that point the stupidity of his threats must have dawned on him because he stopped being aggressive and started pleading his case to me. This didn't last long because he was soon threatening me!
Eventually I persuaded him that he was in a situation he couldn't win, even if he knocked out everyone on the bus, he was still going to be late and the bus driver wasn't going anywhere as long as he was on the bus. He then got off the bus and off went.
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