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Re: Kokyu Nage - Irimi

Good point Janet, but I still see groups like Yoshinkan that date back to the 1950s using Iriminage. (Though Shomen Iriminage and Sokumen Iriminage).

The Dynamic Sphere was published in 1973, which does predate the split. Most Americans were exposed to Aikido through Tohei since the mid to late 1950s. The name seems to be used in Tohei lineage schools in this fashion. I wasn't there - Tohei split when I was four years old.

My own personal pet peeve about Kokyunage - it means too much already. While the dojo I am at now uses Kokyunage for sayunage/Sokumen Iriminage, I think Iriminage because my first teacher once called it that, but I use Sokumen because I keep them separate. I've been told to call all the Shodokan Atemi Waza by Kokyunage as well, and I prefer to use Shomen Ate, etc. The entire Saito Sensei book on Kokyunage is Shomen Ate, Udekimenage (or tenbinage), Sokumen Iriminage, and variations on Sumiotoshi and Tenchinage with a few additional ideas thrown in. All this was before I was told to call a technique I learned as Iriminage was now called Kokyunage. If I call this one thing Iriminage, Kokyunage will not diminish in prominence or importance to my Aikido.

Maybe there are some differences in the performance? The Kokyunage advocate who taught me was clear that there was no Kuzushi forward, just a lead and then cut the head. The Iriminage folks all break Uke forward, then catch the recovery. Maybe it's not the same.
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