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Re: dolphin slaughter in Taiji/ strengthening nationalism

Hello Lorien, I am in Australia and we get a number of articles on the news about Japan and Norway whaling in the ocean. Greenpeace often call for the Australian government vessels into international waters to monitor the Japanese whaling fleet, yet our current government has no interest in doing so.

I know that in some area of Canada they have seal clubbing that occurs as a native tradition and I gather that is why it is not stopped and I figured that the attitude to whaling is probably that it has always been done and they do not want to change because of that reason.

I guess there is no way that you can ever actually stop a whaling fleet from doing that, only the Japanese themselves could do that by rejecting it? Boycotting does not seem to work, which leads me back to change having to come from within.

What I do wonder is if some of the native religions in Japan have animal sacrifice as a part of their ritual? If that is the case then it would also make it very hard to change as people see it as normal whereas people from a Christian background tend to have a view that it is not necessary to please God by doing that. Perhaps that is a factor, I really am not all that sure!
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