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Re: dolphin slaughter in Taiji/ strengthening nationalism

Guys, I'm **not** saying that Japan is "the bad guy" or even "a bad guy." For all I know, this uptick in media articles about Japanese nationalism is simply the result of propagandistic journalism looking to focus on one aspect of Japanese culture and/or following twitter-verse trends. That's why I wrote an OP looking for other perspectives and comments.

I'm well aware that there are other issues facing Japan, and that Japan isn't the heaviest player in the region; my question is whether or not nationalism, as displayed by Abe et. all, is even a real issue. The idea that it might be probably bothers me mostly because I see this right wing denial-of-reality/blind nationalism as a 'real' (i.e., influencing decisions on the ground, on the local level as well as the national one) issue in American politics.

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