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Lorien Lowe
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Re: dolphin slaughter in Taiji/ strengthening nationalism

@ Michael Douglas: I mean a sense of national superiority/exceptionalism in the Japanese right wing that seems to mirror, pretty closely, the bellicose 'American exceptionalism' that we see in the American right wing.

@ Cliff Judge: my apologies if my terminology or wording is incorrect; what I"m talking about is based on things like this:
and this:
There are always drives in the US (especially, it seems, in Florida and Texas) to strip things like slavery and the genocide of Native Americans from our textbooks, too, for the goal of advancing 'national pride and self-worth' in school children. America and Japan both have plenty of things to be legitimately proud of, but pretending that we as a nation don't have things to be ashamed of only increases the risk of such behavior being repeated on a national level.
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