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Re: exiting a dojo

Follow up:

I did not leave Aikido, but I did find another dojo and for the time being, I am freakin ecstatic. Clark Bateman was on point with his critique. And no, i wasn't insulted. Was I on the brink? absolutely.

part of the problem was how to do what i knew i needed to do politely and with as little damage as possible. but we know the martial arts community is a small one and Aikido is fraught with politics, like anything else.

the other part of the problem in actuality is that the sensei had/has a personal dislike for me, because i don't fit his paradigm of how a woman should train, at the very least. this much was obvious. was/is there more? maybe. does it matter? No. I had procrastinated and vacillated, because i didnt trust my own judgement anymore. and i was angry, because there wasn't any valid reason for the disrespect and rudeness i'd endured; while others came into the dojo and trashed it's lack of quality and trashed the sensei. but these people received preferential treatment. so yes, i was pissed.

the solution was to move on, without making a stink and chalking it up to one experience of many more to come. I decided the old adage, avoid fights you can't win was a good one. even though i was in the right, it wouldn't have mattered because of the politics.

thanks all again for the good insights.
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