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Re: experiences in applying a float to waza?

When I teach ryotedori kokyu dosa to my students, I remind them not to be passive when they extend their arms out for uke to grab. They must have strong projecting intent as they raise their arms and not wait until uke has grabbed on to begin to do so. When they do project this way, uke is lifted upward the instant he grips nage's arms. It is surprising how significant a difference this extension of intent can make to the interaction between uke and nage! To the onlooker, an extending nage appears to be doing nothing different from what a nage without extending intent is doing, but the result of their efforts is very different. And I find that projecting with intent before uke touches diminishes the need for precise arm and hand maneuvering. If the projection is done right, uke seems almost to throw himself.

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