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Re: Hiroshi Tada Interview - Part 5

Someone asked me why the groundpath to fourlegged animals is not a good idea.
It works but it is baby steps. If you are concerned with joining -to- someone, you are also susceptible -to- someone. You have created a partnership. So it becomes a game of who is first and who is better. NOT a very good idea in budo! Hence the reason Ueshiba and others didn't stress that model at all. It's fine to feel at a seminar and feel the connection and some power, but it isn't where the higher level work is at. Which is why the more accomplished people never really pointed to that stuff did they?
Something to think about!

If you focus on a bujutsu body..they...are always responding to... you. You are dynamically stable-to yourself and more importantly understand some pretty sophisticated ways of changing that energy continouosly so you can change their change without impedement or signal. It continually gives them a feeling of being late, and you being able to change much faster. This is openly discussed.
Secondarily it removes much of their access -to- your center.
Overall it is the superior model and that is why -it- is the model most often discussed by those who really know what they're doing past the beginner stages.

I am the universe was not a whacko, quasi-spiritual, throw-away phrase. Nor was his answering the question of "What is Aiki?" by drawing a circle and stating "It is opposing forces." Nor was his statement that "The mysteries of aiki are dual opposing spirals." or the clear statement that "Heaven/earth /man releases the mountain echo."
He knew what he was talking about and the implications.
Sadly, the previous translations and the teaching paradigms have failed to produce people with his power. Stated simply;
If you had his power you would understand his models.
If you don't understand his models, you don't have his power.

And the truly wonderful news is that much of the time he was quoting others.THis sets in motion and inescapable logic string.
Who...were those others?
Did they have his power?
And the answer is ...yes.
So can we if we follow his lead.

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