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Re: Cultivating a mind for training honestly.

I think I've come to some of my opinions due to dealing with some martial art students. There's always the guy in the back in the class that wants to know how so-and-so technique can be used in a street fight, or they argue that learning to knee walk will never help them eliminate attackers on the streets. They are obsessed with some fight that might never happen, to the point I think they are missing out on a lot of what they should be focusing on.

Sometimes I think some people get so focused on themselves that they never learn Aikido. If your main goal is yourself, you can never achieve anything better than yourself I guess.
Some of these guys who question constantly if Nikkyo will work in MMA, or if they can use kokyu in a bar fight...I just think some people have been doped into believing their own legend after awhile.

People want to learn "their" Aikido sometimes, opposed to Ueshiba's Aikido. I think we are all guilty of this from time to time. But I don't think it is the ones who admit they are prideful you have to worry about, it is the ones that don't realized that they bought into the magic of their own legend. :/

This just makes for bad martial arts in my opinion.

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