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Re: Cultivating a mind for training honestly.

Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
I think,
through training, you may be able to gain control over others. But you are not entitled to that power by virtue that they attacked you, nor by virtue that you have studied Budo. Therefore abuse of that power is reprehensible. That is why self mastery is key in my opinion. When it isn't put as the singular objective in training focus is lost, and people start to believe they actually have entitlement to and over other's lives. Whether they interpret that sense of self-entitlement as the right to kill another, or whether the interpret that sense of self-entitlement as them having the "right" to choose not to kill some one. IMO I don't believe either should be a choice. We are not entitled to an opinion or any rights over lives we had no part in creating. Whether that means ending a life or choosing to arrogantly flaunt a tainted sense of mercy, we have no right to these decisions over others. And I don't believe we are entitled to stewardship over ourselves when lacking self mastery. If you can't even be your own master, then why suppose you can steward yourself with any sense of justice? Self mastery takes a life time. Which goes hand and hand with my opinion; that you don't have any entitled rights over any life you had no hand in creating...including your own.
I don't see the linkage the same way you express above.

I have skills and power, as do all of us to some degree, to control, hurt, or kill. Some more than others, but that is not important right now. I don't see entitlement as a part of it. Skills are skills and that is all they are.

So, as I walk down the street, I don't have a sense of entitlement and say as I walk by everyone 'your lucky, I choose to let you live another day". Even though that may be what is actually going on. Heck, the guy I pass may be saying the same thing to! (Wouldn't that be funny makes me laugh and think of some old samurai film!).

Anyway, most of our interactions in normal society are controlled by any number of sociological factors. I am not a sociologist so I can't really talk about this with any intelligence.

However, I think, that if certain things are done, lines crossed, choices made, I do have certain entitlements. I have the right to defend myself and others to the degree of control/force as I deem appropriate to the situation. If I use too much, well, then there may be consequences in any number of ways. Courts, Karmic, etc.

I think self mastery and mastery of skills come into play in helping us make better decisions about our interactions. It can be anywhere from dealing with our loved ones, in the office, on the street, in confrontations or what not.

I think the more we work on improving ourselves and our ability to deal with things skillfully in life and our interactions with others, the more appropriate choices we make.

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