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Rocky Izumi
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Re: Business and Budo

There is the teaching of Budo that exists only for the teaching of technique. Then, there is the teaching of Budo that exists to teach not only the technique but the philosophy, culture, structuring, organization, management, control, coordination, transmission of ideas, the evolution of, and marketing of that Budo. That is also Budo teaching. It seems the teachers who do the best financially teach more than just the techniques but an entire way of life and business. And, there are those who teach other things using the principles of Budo. Could that also be teaching Budo? It certainly is about teaching a way of life based on Budo. Then, there are those who teach how to do things using Budo. For instance, there are people out there who instruct other professionals how to better use their Budo skills to accomplish their jobs. Are they also Budo teachers? Does their financial abilities count?


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