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Re: Starting Aikido?

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Well guys i always have dedicaded do bodybuilding,and training my physique,but now i decided to train some martial arts and aikido was the only one that they had in the ginasium,so what i am asking if this martial art achual is efective in self defense for exemple in a street figth woud be possible to do some moves teach in aikido
How many street fights do you get into?

When you get into a street fight, are you the one starting the fight, or is someone else attacking you? Why are they attacking you -- do they want to hurt you, do they want to take your wallet, did you make fun of their favorite football team, or something else? How are they attacking you -- with a weapon, are they swinging fists, pistols at ten paces?

If your answer is, "I don't get into fights, I just wanted to know if aikido could help me in a fight", the answer is yes -- just as a screwdriver could help you if you wanted to build something. Of course,, whether it would help you depends on what you're trying to build. Once you've figured that out, you'll have your answer.
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