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Re: Training while tired...

Conrad Gustafson wrote:
My Sensei actually discourages us to use the word. He's Japanese and claims that the word actually has the connotation of "someone who has totally dedicated their life to aikido".

Apparently nobody in our dojo fits the description.

Conrad, while I don't know that I've dedicated my life, I have taken a job 48 miles from my house because it's one block from the dojo. It takes me 1.5 hours in the morning to get there and 2 hours back (no express trains after class). My wife of 6 months hardly sees me except on weekends, but then she knew that when she met me. Heh, the only way I could dedicate more time, is if I lived off of a trust fund and didn't work. Of course I say this, and right now I have to take a break from training until I have my rotator cuff re-attached....not looking forward to that rehab.....

- Joe
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