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Re: If there was ONE thing...

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Last week a friend of mine had his house burglarised while he and his wife were sleeping in their bedroom and their 3 kids (1 baby) we're sleeping in theirs.

He told me that he woke up, thought he heard something, then went back to sleep. When they got out of bed in the morning a huge amount of their stuff was gone. For perspective they run a photography business on the bottom floor of their house, while they sleep on the top floor. The lower floor was gutted... Cameras, computers, gone. But here's the part that prompted this post...

The upper floor can only be accessed by a deadbolt on their back deck. And the burglars tried to get through the deadbolt to where they sleep. Thankfully the burglars were unsuccessful.

They live in an area where house invasion is very unusual. I do not. Break and enter in my suburb (opposite side of the country to my friends) is so common that people don't even raise an eyebrow when you say your house/car was broken into. And it got me to thinking...

I am a noob at Aikido (2 months). Say (worst case scenario) I woke up in the night and found some scumbag going through my stuff (single story house) what would be the single most important Aikido waza I could learn? Or I guess in general what would be the single most effective thing I could ask my instructor to teach me? I will be asking him next class btw.

Thanks for your input. This is a very real concern for me.
Forget waza, train principles if you are looking at aikido for self-defense purposes. Ma-ai, de-ai, kuzushi, timing. Wrist strengthening exercises because frying pans are heavy. Consider what level of violence you'd actually feel comfortable with performing on an intruder. Get a security system. Do as much as you can to prevent a break-in. Do not think that a few months of training in any martial art would necessarily be there for you when you'd need it.
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