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Re: Gun Crimes

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Sorry, but I have yet (thank whatever fates, martial training, whatever) to encounter a crisis situation where a gun would help me out of it.
It doesn't take much imagination to think of situations where it would be very desirable

Here are a couple:

New Orleans. Post Katrina before the return of the police and national guard. Oddly enough, the police disarmed lawfully armed people inside their homes, ones who could use them for self defense as they weren't outside looting.

1992 riots in LA. 53 people died, dozens were beaten. You don't think Reginald Denny might have been better off if he had a firearm in his truck?

You are a pilot and go down in bear country miles from civilization.

Of course if you don't live in the inner city, and you live out in the suburbs or countryside, you are less likely to be in an area where gun violence predominantly occurs. On the other hand, the above situations where civil order has broken down, or you are out in the wilderness, firearms are a very useful tool.

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