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Re: Gun Crimes

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Some people are born big and strong, while others weak and sickly. And youth has the advantage physically over the old. Those are inequalities. If insuring that all people are equal is your goal, then arming everyone is a sure way to even out those differences.
If violence were the default mode of opening social discourse in this country, again: I might be inclined to agree with you. But since it isn't, I'm inclined to feel that there are far more pressing issues to equality, than the prosiac idea that arming oneself makes one "equal."

The "downsides" to owning a fire arm are no different then the downsides of owning a vehicle.
Well, I'm not too crazy about the need to own one of those, either. I'd far, far prefer to live within the means of my bike.

But, since I would need to drive my car far more than I'd need to shoot someone, let's just say that this statement is apples vs oranges.

In fact many more people are killed yearly by automobiles then firearms. We justify owning vehicles because they make our lives more livable. Why would you not justify something that is just as necessary in a crisis situation?
Sorry, but I have yet (thank whatever fates, martial training, whatever) to encounter a crisis situation where a gun would help me out of it.

However, I CAN imagine a universe of crisis situations caused by OWNING a gun, not the least of which involve kids, theft of said gun (leading to a mistaken ID upon discharge), etc.

If fear of "governmental interference on your civil liberties" is a concern of yours, how is letting the government take away your right to defend yourself helping your plight?
Ah, now: this is a completely different topic. Government interference. Up to this point, you have been providing rationales as to the need to own a gun (none of which I agree, as I mentioned).

Since we're on a different subject, my opinion is this: I don't WANT the gov't to take away a SINGLE civil liberty, at this time...and that includes guns--even tho I don't personally like guns, or plan ever to own one.
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