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Bruce Baker
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Bugei studies RE.

Believe it or not, there people here is North America over 100,000 years ago, as documented by archeological digs in the last ten years.

Whether or not you seek the studies without a teacher, it very nearly parallels the bringing up of Native American children in a culture different from the European Industrial Society that presently is the melting pot of America.

Strangely, the studies you speak of are so nearly parallel to these cultures, that it almost sounds like theivery, but then again, don't we steal what works for us ... especially in MA?

As for Turtle Island, Start with reading some of the Native American history found in the Six Nations of NY, it will insightfully heighten your knowledge as to the real founders of liberty ... and many principles taken for the Declaration of Independence?

Study on your own? Isn't that what we were argueing about ....
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