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Re: RE: Professor Friday's Reply

Dear Chuck,

Thanks for your effort, but more than likely it was just me not making sense rather than something being behind all that "academic" style. You know how it is - writing off the top of your head - just sitting down and typing - well, it's good for the spirit but not always so easy on the eyes. Maybe, if you are interested, you can direct my thinking a bit more with some questions. I think then I could formulate some clearer thoughts for you. If not - then i'm afraid you are on your own.

Anyway - it was an interesting thread and it would be a shame if my bantering is truly what brought it to a halt. I would hope folks would just ignore what I said and just keep on going with it if the latter is true. I think Professor Friday raised some very key issues - and there's a lot of meat left on those bones for all of us to chew.

Take care, peace,
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