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Re: Ki energy defined

When it comes to Ki first a person has to get to grips with it's reality. Until then they are just using other than or trying to convince themselves Ki is something else.

Intent......mmmm.....much link is given to intent and action. I've said before this is only one factor and given far too much importance as a one only thing. There's far more to learn about intent itself than thinking it can be a substitute word for mind.

To understand intent forget mind for it is not of the is of the spirit. Thus it is to understand what intent does.

One thing it does is to focus the mind.

The other thing it does is direct energy.

Now it is too simplistic to say intention causes action for there are at least three other factors of equal importance when talking action. There is desire, there is purpose and there is decision. All these affect energy and indeed motion.

Then there is the major factor I've not heard anyone go into and that is the factor of type of intention.

Just saying intention without knowing 'which' intention is pretty meaningless really and only makes someone sound good.

So we have here spiritual disciplines which come before mind and body. The correct ones bring about spirit mind and body coordination.

Then there is even more. Then one may realize the type of intention and purpose etc. Ueshiba was telling you about and using and demonstrating, the type of intention. Devine intention. Corky translates it as benificent.......very good. A spiritual connection with devine from which comes Ki.