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Jess McDonald
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Re: losing control...

Thanks guys for all the great responses. It seems I'm not alone in all this which is comforting to some degree (there's a lot of angry people out there!). I guess that my real problem is that I don't want anyone thinking I'm weak; which is why I overreacted the other day. It's hard for me to let them talk to me as if I was some weak, crying little girl without getting all "oh yeah, I'll show you whose weak and crying!".
Okay, I'm going to work on this (meaning the anger and the need to have everyone think I'm tough) as it obviously is a huge vulnerability.
No one said this was going to easy, huh?
Thanks again for your replies and wish me luck as I go back to work tomorrow.
Zen master...zen master...zen...1...2...3...zen...ahhhh...peace at last!!
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