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Re: teaching the blind

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I would equate it with any new member entering the dojo so if by numbers that equals an added risk or burden then mathematically that would be so but I say this for a different reason.

Firstly the disadvantage should be taken responsibility for ie: a blind person may need to orient himself with the surroundings first etc. Thereafter treated with the same respect as everyone else, no difference.

Secondly I don't hold to this people hitting each other with bokkens and falling into each other all the time or even on numerous occasions. When I witness this I am witnessing an ill disciplined dojo.

As I said before Martial arts teaches people they CAN. PC do gooders teach why they can't.
What is your view on the effect this may have on other students?
I also do not see why handicapped persons should not be able to practise (within their imposed boundaries). I would worry more about the student with back problems, weak set of knees. But still it will have effect on the group as a whole.

In a real fight:
* If you make a bad decision, you die.
* If you don't decide anything, you die.
Aikido teaches you how to decide.
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