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Re: rooting around in the can o' worms

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I have to ask, because I don't want to live in a world where this isn't clarified:

Would that be inappropriate because:
a) The gay students who are just discovering their sexuality may feel that being gay is ok to talk about
b) The straight students may feel that being gay is ok to talk about even though it is different from themselves
c) There would likely be sex in the play [although that could be edited out]

I realize choosing C is an obvious good answer but I have to ask. Anyway lots of movies and short stories have sex in them, so I can't just assume you meant C without asking. Thanks!

ps back to the topic.. aikido is an ideal choice of martial art for a blind person in my opinion. Lots of dojos work more with grabs than strikes. I've done aikido blindfolded as an exercise, and I know others have too. It is remarkably similar once contact is made.
I used Brokeback Mountain as an example because there is no clear cut reason why it shouldn't be in school plays, yet we all realize that it would be inappropriate. Is it the fact that it depicts a sex act, maybe. Is it that it has a history of being controversial, maybe. Is it that there is no real reason homosexuality should be a topic or theme in a school setting, maybe. There are a lot of questionable reasons, so it's best to just not do it. But it's going to ultimately be up to the dojo whether they want to teach blind students, and if they decide to make that choice, more power to them.
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